Mark Leischner

Real Estate Specialist

Mark has a long record of successfully building businesses (Unistop, Unicom, Bis-Man Mobile Phone, etc.) and has participated in hundreds of real estate transactions throughout his business career. Mark built his first business at 14 years of age and now, nearly four decades later, continues to build his entrepreneurial credentials. Mark has always had a passion for the real estate market and now focuses his passion fully to create a partnership with you in any of your real estate dealings.

Mark has always been a natural born leader, motivator, and trainer, and utilizes all of those skills in his real estate career. Over the years, Mark has also been very aware, always staying on top, of current market conditions, even spending time as a licensed commodity broker. You can be confident that when working with Mark, communication will take top priority.
Mark will listen to your needs, direct your needs and motivate and take care of your needs. He strives to build lasting relationships with everyone whom he deals with, and is determined to use all of his business experiences and foresight to actively meet the needs of anyone and everyone that he works with.

Office: 701.223.3030
Cell: 701.319.6275
Fax: 701.255.7777