Are you selling a home in Bismarck, ND? Do you how much your home is worth? Find out today!

Holding a Guinness World Records record for most snow angels in one city is pretty impressive, but the beautiful properties displayed throughout Bismarck provide an even bigger display! Here at Trademark Realty, we appreciate the beauty of our city and have years of experience working with real estate prices and evaluating Bismarck, ND homes for sale.  Our agents recognize trends in the market and know how to price a home appropriately in order to reach the greatest profit.

So the question is, just how much is your home worth? Whether you are planning on selling your home, or just curious about the price of homes in your area, you can get the answers you are looking for with this tool. Simply search for a property by address, and find out the price within seconds.

You can use your results as a starting point when figuring out the asking price of your property. This data can also be used to identify trends in the local market.  According to Zillow, the median asking price for a home in Bismarck is $263,000 as of August 2017. Zillow also notes that Bismarck home values have declined -0.1% in 2017, with predictions to rise 2.4% within the next year.

Review all the data surrounding the local market, and compare your findings to the results from your evaluation. Familiarizing yourself with this information can give you a huge advantage in the market and will prove to be helpful when formulating a suitable asking price for Bismarck, ND land for sale and homes within our area.

If you have any questions for about the price of your property, or about setting a profitable asking price, make sure you contact any one of our wonderful agents.

If you have any questions regarding the home value tool, or about Bismarck real estate in general, again, don’t hesitate to call. We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. You can contact the office at 701-223-3030.

Click the link below and find out the value of your home today! There is no obligation on your part. This is a free service. Simply type in your address, fill out the form, and find out the price of your home instantly!

In addition to our home evaluation tool, we have many different resources for buyer and sellers in our region. Whether you’re interested in finding a house in Bismarck, ND, or selling your property, the professionals here at Trademark Realty are eager to assist you along the way.

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