By: Logan Deichert

Choosing a career path for me has never been an easy task. The ability to be involved and good at so many things has been a big struggle. Finding something that combined many of my strengths and abilities was something I longed to find out. This is my story of why I got into real estate.

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Starting in high school, I knew one thing for sure, I wanted to own my own business someday. With that being said, I also wanted to be a doctor or surgeon of some sort. I was the North Dakota State President of HOSA (Future Health Professionals) my junior year. Upon graduation, I attended the University of North Dakota for Pre-Med/Entrepreneurship. While most people went with biology, or psychology as an undergrad, I knew I wanted to own a business so I chose my undergrad accordingly. After my freshman year of college, it was apparent to me that I had more heart in owning a business than becoming a doctor. So I dropped the pre-med portion and strictly attended business classes. It wasn’t until a specific entrepreneurship class that I realized, while sitting in class, that you cannot teach someone how to be an entrepreneur. Looking around the room I could tell many of the students were there to have an easy way out, but for what? To make your parents happy or to show society “you’ve made it”.

Following that class, I went home and had a long, deep conversation with myself about what I was doing with my life. I was paying a ridiculous amount of money to have someone sit in front of a class and ‘teach me business’. After many sleepless nights, I decided to DROP OUT of college. Yes. I said drop out of college. [without telling my parents by the way] After that hard decision, I moved home and made an appointment with the owner of Trademark Realty, Chad Wachter. After this meeting, I had never felt more ready to get a grip on my own reigns and take control of my own future.

My decision for getting into real estate was simple. For one, I get to basically own my own business. YAY! Check one. Number two, real estate allows me to be creative and in control of my own destiny. I get to help people find their first home, their dream home, or a home to raise their family in. Starting with a piece of paper and writing down what someone wants in a home, is my favorite part. I love being able to compile a list of homes that I think are a good fit for them. Even better, it’s walking into a showing and seeing their faces light up and you just know you have done your job.

Now I know the work doesn’t stop there. Finding the home of your dreams is relatively easy. What comes after is what can be difficult. Do not let that scare you from finding that house. In my opinion, finding the right agent for your needs is just as important as finding the right home. When making one of the biggest purchases of your life you should be able to trust and know the person you are working with. Speaking for myself, before ever talking about real estate, I like to sit down and learn about each other first. Creating a trust with your agent is an important step.

Now back to why I got into real estate. While sitting in those college classes “learning how to build a business and how to talk to clients.” I realized I wasn’t learning anything. It is not until you sit in a physical business meeting, go to your first seminar, make your first phone call (where you’re so scared you feel like hanging up), or make your first sale that you can say you’ve learned anything about business. There is no possible way you can teach someone how to act on a phone or in a meeting. ‘Learning by doing’ is something I like to live by. Starting a business at 21 years old is scary. A scarier thing is spending $80,000 to have someone who hasn’t owned a business, teach you about owning a business.

If you ask many of the agents around town about why they got into the business I think you could find a common theme about wanting to help people. Helping people is a large part of why I decided to become an agent. Interacting with people and finding them a place to spend time with family and enjoy what North Dakota has to offer is so cool to me. Since I was a little kid I always enjoyed going to Sunday open houses with my parents and seeing how friendly the agents were. I always looked up to those “special agents” (so to speak) and I am happy to say I am now one too.

If finding your dream home, your first home, or selling your home is something you are considering. Find an agent and get to know them. Real Estate agents love to get to know people, contact one today!

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