Real estate… Home buying, selling, thinking, plotting, deciding, or contemplating the process can be insanely overwhelming. With the importance today, more than ever to build equity and ownership in something that appreciates in value, finding a good real estate agent is crucial.

Real estate agents are either praised or hated in the community. There are so many people that have had amazing experiences with professional agents, but on the flip side, others have had the complete opposite. There are good agents, and there are bad agents. Plain and simple, the market and customers will always dictate what they think of that agent. In fact, there is good and bad in every industry. Sadly, one bad apple can ruin it for everybody. Today, I’m going to go in depth with things that you need to look for as a consumer to make an educated decision on what to look for in the real estate industry.

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Let’s get the ugly out of the way first. Bad agents can get a reputation typically on the listing side of things. When the commission is paid on the sellers end, the seller expects that the agent works very hard (as they should) to get their house sold for the price they want as fast as possible. Agents (some but not all) will often under perform when it comes to selling the house. It may be from lack of knowledge, lack of experience, or laziness. This is the agent that puts the house on the MLS, does little to no marketing, open houses, or strive to get the house sold.

This is the agent that puts the house on the MLS and WAITS for a different agent to sell it. So here is how this plays out. The agent lists it, does little to no marketing, a different agent comes with the buyer to sell it, the listing agent put little to no hours into making this house appealing to sell it in a timely manner, and the sellers feel cheated out of some of the commission dollars at closing. Over time, this made the for sale by owner “FSBO” group larger, and the true agents have a hard time getting their point, services, and most importantly value across!

Despite the negativity in the above paragraph, people often forget that this industry is JAM PACKED with amazing agents that build value, comfort, and friendship with their clients. The ones who shine are the ones who get to display their expertise, and their clients find true value with having them along side for the whole process.

These are the agents that work very hard and take pride in their work. They are ahead of the game by using every media platform to advertise, hosting multiple open houses for the public to check out, and deploying their OWN $dollars$ to advertise their listings. These are the agents that follow up every time, answer the phone every time, and reach out to the public instead of the public coming to them. Agents like this are happy to spend their own money on these listings. They want their clients to feel like they are taking care of every aspect to display the one product they have. THE HOUSE.

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Whether you are a buyer or seller, early/late in the process, or have any questions with what goes into this crazy process with the market, do your research! You need to find an expert agent that will take care of you with all aspects.

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