By: Dawn Leingang

With winter and the holidays upon us, we are all a little busier than normal. There can be things we missed completely when winterizing our homes, or things we just may not have thought about. Here is a checklist to assist you in preparing your home! It is NOT too late.

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1. Clean out your gutters and downspouts.

2. Disconnect hoses from outdoor spigots.

3. Blow out underground sprinklers.

4. Rake leaves and debris away from your foundation.

5. Buy supplies ex. Snow shovel, ice melt, snow thrower.

6. Clean chimneys and wood burners.

7. Remove debris from window wells and install shields as necessary.

8. Remove window air conditioner or cover permanently installed units.

9. Trim tree branches that are hanging over your house.

10. Add heat tape to plumbing under mobile homes and insulate ductwork.

This preventative maintenance will help protect your investment, pocketbook, and your family. The last thing that anyone needs is frozen pipes and ruined sprinklers. Happy Holidays from my family to you and yours!

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