By: Logan Deichert

It’s 2019 – Welcome to the year where you ARE going to see an influx in social media marketing, video marketing, and targeted ads. Why am I being so blunt with this? BECAUSE IT IS HAPPENING WHETHER YOU WANT IT TO OR NOT…. And I think it’s for the better. Here’s why.

So how does this help with the sale of your home? Its simple, if your agent is not using social media marketing you are throwing away a whole audience of 1.4 BILLION daily users of Facebook, 30 MILLION daily YouTubers, and 500 MILLION daily Instagram users. Now I know that you’re never going to get 1.4 billion views on any single listing. However, with targeted ads towards home buyers, your agent can find qualified leads for the sale of your home. I market properties by the simple philosophy of, “If people can’t see it, people won’t buy it”. This is the exact mindset that you need to have when you are going to sell your home.

I truly believe the days of taking a few photos, adding the listing to the multiple listing service (MLS), sending out a mass e-mail, and putting one post in the newspaper or on Facebook are over. Facebook is a great medium, however, it needs to be used correctly for it to be beneficial. The majority of buyers, believe it or not, are millennials. Yes… us darn millennials. Now, what do millennials use? SOCIAL MEDIA and the internet. According to Properties Online, INC., in 2017 95% of buyers used the internet for the search of their home. Even though this data is 2 years old, it still suggests that the use of the internet is the best tool for selling and finding your home.

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Why should you be worried if your home is being marketed or not? Remember what I said earlier… “If people can’t see it, people won’t buy it”. Even the use of the desktop computer has declined for the search of a home. Finding an agent that understands the use of a mobile device for the marketing of your home is crucial. The majority of home searches started on a mobile phone, which was first found on a social media site, then lead onto a website of some sort. See the trend? Or have I completely lost you?

DO NOT LET THIS ALL SCARE YOU! Keeping up with the latest trends is something I am completely about. If you really want to get your home sold, find an agent willing to put in the work for YOU. That’s why you chose them in the first place. Every active real estate agent is qualified to put your house on the MLS. But should that be where they stop?

I want to put out a full disclaimer. The use of technology is not the only way to market or sell your home. It is only a piece of the “real estate” puzzle. However, by understanding that simple fact that technology is an asset, you are already ahead of the game.

If you have any questions about selling your home or buying a new one, contact an agent today!

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