By: Dawn Leingang

Is your home safe while you are away? Do you check-in to your destination on social media? Do you post photos of you and your family enjoying those special moments? If you answered yes to either question your home could be vulnerable to intruders!

Approximately Fifteen years ago my home was broken into while my family was asleep. I heard the intruder(s) and thought it was my son in the kitchen pantry. In the morning we found they had made off with my handbag, camera, and a wallet.

While all the property stolen was replaceable I am so very grateful my son didn’t wake and no one was hurt. This experience has made me more aware of the risks and I have learned safety measures for my family and home. Please use the tips and stay safe this holiday and vacation season!

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1. Share vacation photos AFTER you return from vacation.

2. Avoid “Checking in” to out of town or state locations.

3. After purchasing a new home change all the locks. If you have not done this WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

4. Remove valuable possessions while away. Take to the home of someone your trust or obtain a safety deposit box.

5. Have someone maintain your property while gone. Have your lawn cared for and snow removed as necessary.

6. Put small electronics on timers to make it appear or sound as if you are home. This could include lamps, televisions, radios, etc.

7. Have someone you trust checking on your home, inside and out.

8. Put a hold on your newspaper and mail.

9. Do not order any packages to be delivered to your home while away. If you just cannot resist that pair of shoes right before you leave have them shipped elsewhere. Wink wink!

10. If you can set up security cameras and lights do so. You can watch for any suspicious activity while you are away.

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