By: Dawn Leingang

Work for me in the past had always been a job. A job where I always worked hard individually or as a team to reach a desired end goal.

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Several of those “jobs” however have pushed me towards the career I longed for, In particular my eight year position at a local Title Company. I was able to learn the importance of a Title Company, the process of the paperwork, the why’s, and the how’s.

During that time I learned a lot and was responsible for a lot but longed to be making more of a difference. I wanted to be the agent helping the buyers or sellers. I watched many difficult transactions and many joyous ones and I wanted to be more involved. During that time I also purchased my first, then second investment property and started my own property management company.

I was proud of my achievements but still did not have the satisfaction in my “job” that I longed for. After a couple turn of events in my life I recalled the times I was able to assist Chad Wachter, CEO of Trademark Realty. He had mentioned several times that if and when I was ready he would love to have me work for him.

The timing was perfect! I made many difficult but positive changes that year and have not looked back. I’ve used my previous work experience and strong work ethic to be the best Realtor® I can be. For the last three years I have gotten the privilege of helping many clients achieve their buying or selling goals and am now blessed with a fulfilling “career”.

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